Social Media Marketing In Kuwait

Social Media Marketing In Kuwait


Definitely, no one can ignore the power of social media and what it has done for businesses. With huge followers on different social media channels and platforms, it is very necessary that we have a specific marketing strategy and scheme for specific geographical region like Kuwait or we wouldn’t have effective results.

Social Media is underutilized in Kuwait Businesses because people are yet to understand its benefit. But that is just for a little while because people are now realizing the importance of social Media marketing. This makes it the right time to invest in Social Media marketing because you wouldn’t only be the forerunner of something great but you would build a large customer base which would last you for years to come.   

Facebook is the most used social media platform in Kuwait totaling of over 3 million active users every month. Next is Instagram which is the second most used platform with the rate of over 1.80 million users monthly. Twitter is on the third pedestal with a total of 1.68 million active users every month. While snapchat ends this list with over 1.65 million users monthly. LinkedIn has over 890,000 users monthly too.

You would require social media experts who understand your business, your customers and the chart out social media blueprint. If you are very curious to begin your social media marketing and grow your business you would need in-depth knowledge about social media services and the right strategy to apply.

The biggest social media platform in the world-Facebook would take the initial position. Facebook marketing allows small businesses to improve their presence on Facebook which is not only the widely used social media in the world but provides the biggest media network to gather new customers. While maintaining your image over Facebook, it is pivotal that you should connect with your customers over the platform by engaging actively in their interactions. Doing this would increase the chances of customer acquisition at a minimal cost and even reduces the cost of customer services

Instagram is a widely used social media platform in the world not only Kuwait. It has a unique reach numbers as well as its photo sharing provisions. Instagram has become the most favorite destination for social media lovers all over the world. Channels for marketing purposes have been created and established.

Twitter marketing is much of a micro blogging website if you make use of it the proper way. One huge benefit about this platform is that it provides that connection across several social media platforms. With the help of twitter you have cost-effective ways in marketing and also get tangible results. We shouldn’t also forget the strong crowd pull a tweet can cause for your business. Just a single tweet can jump-start your business immediately. I am a twitter person and I can recall an instance of a young boy tweeting about his Father’s business (it was a new restaurant) and he got a huge response (actual customers) within few hours.

It is important that you remain updated with the latest advancements and technology because the social media environment isn’t stagnant. That is why we shouldn’t forget LinkedIn marketing especially if you are a B2B business Marketer. Due to its class apart feature for professional networking, you would definitely find prospective clients who are in dire need of your service.

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